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Job searching can be both exciting and challenging. Whether you’re a newly graduate, currently unemployed, or seeking a career change, it is best to be equipped with these tips to help you manage your job search effectively:

  1. Define your career goal

  • Determine the industry you want to work in, the types of roles you’re interested in, your ideal salary range, and the company you’d like to work for.

  • Think about your professional skills, job expectations, and personal goals before applying for any job. Remember that your career is yours to shape, so be bold and go after what you truly want.

  1. Create a Job Application table or spreadsheet:

  • Include the company name, company information, contact information, date of application, date of assessment and interview, follow-up, status, job listing, and job rating.

  • Set goals, such as the number of jobs to apply for per week, daily hours spent on job research, and deadlines for improving your resume and cover letter.

  1. Create a job search schedule:

  • Create a job search schedule to check regularly various resources for job listings, including online job boards, industry-specific websites, and employer career pages.

  1. Build Your Digital Presence:

  • Update and optimize your LinkedIn profile and other professional social media accounts.

  • Showcase your skills, accomplishments, and relevant experience.

  • Create a portfolio to present samples of your works and achievements.

  1. Understand Your Industry:

  • If you have experience in a specific industry, leverage that knowledge during your job search.

  • Understand the nuances of the industry and tailor your applications accordingly.

  1. Customize Your Application:

  • Create customized templates for your resume and cover letter documents for each job application. 

  • Highlight specific qualifications that match the job requirements. Focus on keyword-rich resumes

  1. Learn New Skills:

  • Identify skills that are in demand within your desired industry.

  • Explore available online courses or certifications to enhance your skill set.

  1. Make full use of the internet

  • Use Calendar apps to help you keep track of important dates, such as interview appointments or scheduled follow-ups. 

  • Set up job alerts to update you on new job posts that match to your qualifications. 

  1. Network Regularly, anytime and anywhere you can:

  • Visit any job fairs, industry events, and networking sessions that you may find interesting.

  • Connect with professionals in your field and seek advice or referrals.

  • Reach out to former colleagues, mentors, and acquaintances. Inform them of your job search and ask if they know of any relevant opportunities.

  • Consider working with a recruitment agency or headhunter. They can help match your skills with suitable job openings.

  1. Constantly track your actions and progress

  • Compile relevant statistics such as new people you contacted in a week, new jobs you applied for, new suitable companies you identified, new leads you have discovered, follow-ups made, and interviews attended.

  • Analyse in which area in job searching you need to improve. 

Remember, persistence and adaptability are key during your job search. Stay positive, stay organized, and keep refining your approach. Best of luck!


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