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THE ART OF FOLLOW UP: How to stay top-of-mind after interview

So, you rocked that interview! You nailed the tough questions, got some laughs (hopefully in a good way) and left feeling like a total pro. But before you treat yourself to a well-deserved victory cup of Joe there's one more step that can make a huge difference in your job-hunting journey: the follow-up! 

Why bother? Well, hiring managers are busy bees with overflowing inboxes. Your interview might have been amazing, but it could easily get lost in the mix. A follow-up is like a little reminder that says, "Hey, remember me? The awesome person you interviewed?

So, how do you set yourself apart and leave a lasting impression without coming across as weird or creepy?

1. The "Thank You" Note

Ah, the classic "thank you" email. It's not just being polite; it's a secret weapon. Send an email within 24 hours of your interview. Show your gratitude and appreciation for their time and mention something specific and interesting you discussed during the interview to help them connect the dots.

2. Humor: Your Not-So-Secret Weapon (Use wisely)

A little bit of humor can make a huge impact on your journey. Let your personality shine through, but keep it relevant, and always stay professional.    

3. Be Unique, Not a Copycat!

Avoid the boring copy-paste trap. Make sure to personalize each message. Reference something you talked about, like your shared love for cats. Be the one they remember for being unique and interesting.

4. Timing Is Key 

Do not spam them. Give them some breathing room! If they mentioned a decision timeline, respect it. If not, a gentle follow-up after a week or two is fine. Remember, patience is a virtue!!

5. The Power of Persistence (Without Being a Nuisance)

If you haven't heard back after your first follow-up, don't panic! Politely check in again, reiterate your interest, and ask if there's anything else they need from you. It's a friendly reminder, not a desperate plea.

The Winning Follow-Up Formula

  • Subject Line: Grab the reader’s attention. Keep the subject line catchy

  • The Body: Thank them, mention something specific, and tell them again how much you want the job. Keep it short and sweet!


  • Proofread: Typos are the enemy.

  • Be Patient: Don't blow up their inbox. One follow-up after a week is okay, then relax, wait and see.

Don’t know how to start? I got you! Start crafting your email today with the example below.

Subject: Our Epic Interview Adventure

Hi  [Interviewer's Name],

I hope things are going well after our interview!  Thanks again for talking with me the other day.  

If there's anything else you need from me - whether it's more cat videos or help with a spreadsheet—I'm here to help!

Thanks again for the laughs and the opportunity. I’m looking forward to the possibility of joining your (company) team!


[Your Name]

The art of the follow-up is all about showing your personality, and maybe even bringing a smile to the hiring team's faces, don't fear the post-interview silence! Who knows? Your well-crafted follow-up could be the key to landing that dream job. Follow these tips, and you'll go from an interview rockstar to a standout applicant. Goodluck!

Do you have any other interview follow-up tips to share? Let us know in the comments below.

by: Liza Aragon


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