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Did you know that 83% of people are more likely to say "Yes!" to a job if the interview feels good?

Let’s face it, the traditional interview process can feel like a bad reality show: stressful, awkward, and nerve-wracking for both the interviewer and the candidate. The formal and high-pressure setting creates an environment that hinders candidates from revealing their true selves and abilities. Negative experiences can lead candidates to lose interest in the role or the company.

So, why should this matter to you? Because a negative interview experience doesn’t just bruise the candidate's ego; it can also harm the company's reputation when candidates vent online. Nobody wants to be the subject of a viral rant on Twitter, right?  Plus, It's also a missed opportunity for your company, with nearly 60% of job seekers giving the thumbs-down to a job offer because of a lousy interview experience, it's like shooting yourself in the foot before the race even starts!

Interviews are nerve-wracking, but you can help! Creating a positive experience isn't rocket science. You hold the power to transform the interview process from a nightmare into a dreamy experience. Here's how to make that magic happen: 

Pre-Interview: First impressions count. Get rid of vague job descriptions that sound like bad online dating profiles. Be clear about the role and what you're looking for. Make the application process user-friendly. And make it easy for people to apply. Nobody wants a complicated process! 

Provide candidates with information about the interview format and the team they'll meet. Even a casual welcome email can go a long way in calming those pre-interview jitters.   

During the interview: Respect and treat job seekers well. Use structured interviews with prepared questions to maintain professionalism and ensure everyone's on the same page. Avoid using outdated interview tactics like asking strange and weird questions. Let the conversation flow naturally. And don't forget to let them ask questions too! It's a two-way street, after all.

Post-Interview: Don't leave candidates hanging. If they're not the right fit, send a personalized rejection email with some feedback. It shows you care and might even earn you a positive online review.

Remember, creating a positive candidate experience is not rocket science. It's about treating people with respect and making the interview process an opportunity for both sides to shine. So, stop doing things the old way and start treating job seekers better. Who knows, you might just find your next superstar employee  - and avoid becoming the next interview horror story on social media and getting bad reviews online. 

In today's competitive job market, it's not just about finding talent – it's about making them want to stick around. So, keep communication open, be respectful, and let them ask questions. After all, a good interview is the key to getting great people on your team!

Got any other tips for making interviews better? Share them in the comments below!

By: Liza Aragon


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