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The transition from stay-at-home mom to a career comeback can be challenging. You may have honed incredible skills during your time at home, but translating them into a strong job application can feel overwhelming.  However, rejections during the search process don't have to be discouraging. With the right approach, you can turn them into valuable learning experiences that propel you closer to your dream job.

Acknowledge Your Emotions:

It's perfectly normal to feel disappointed after a job rejection. Allow yourself to process this feeling for a short time. However, don't let it derail your motivation.

Turn Rejections into Learning Opportunities:

Don't be afraid to reach out to the interviewer for feedback. A polite email requesting insights can be a goldmine of information. Did the interview highlight an area where you could strengthen your skills, or perhaps your resume needs a refresh to better showcase your strengths? Every application and interview is a chance to learn and grow.

Highlight Your Stay-at-Home Experience:

Your experience as a stay-at-home mom is packed with valuable skills that are highly transferable to the workforce.  Rewrite your resume to emphasize your project management abilities (think daily routines!), communication expertise (because "no" means no in any language!), and time management skills (who else can make a delicious meal in 15 minutes?).

Celebrate Small Victories:

The job search can be a marathon, not a sprint. Getting an interview or even a positive phone screening is a victory! Celebrate these small wins to keep your motivation high.

Focus on Your Strengths:

Rejection can be discouraging, but don't let it dim your inner light. Remember the amazing skills and experiences that make you a unique candidate. Find a job search buddy for support and encouragement.

Refine Your Search Strategy:

Use the feedback you gather to refine your job search strategy. Are you applying for positions that truly align with your skills and interests? Maybe it's time to tweak your resume or craft a more targeted cover letter. Consider networking with professionals in your desired field. Building connections can open doors to exciting opportunities.

Remember: Rejection is a temporary setback, not a permanent roadblock. By staying focused, learning from each experience, and keeping a positive attitude, you'll be well on your way to landing that dream job. So buckle up, mama, and keep searching! You've got this!


Anne Camille Murakami


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